The Palates To Trust

The reputation of a wine competition is often defined by the quality of its judges. At the San Francisco International Wine Competition, our judging panels consist of the most respected, experienced experts in the industry.

Meet our judges:

Anthony Dias Blue

Francisco Bazo

Sarah Blau

Eduardo A. Dingler

Patrick Dodd, CSS, CS, CWE

Traci Dutton

Ziggy Eschliman

Orietta Gianjorio

Steven Izzo

Charles Mara

Drake McCarthy

Tim McDonald, CSS

Christopher O’Gorman

Tonya Pitts

Michael Ploetz

Wendy Stanford

Tim Teichgraeber

Liz Thach MW, Ph.D.

Sarah Trubnick

Toshio Ueno

Dr. Valery Uhl

Gerald Weisl

Wilfred Wong




President, Blue Lifestyle
Editor-in-Chief, The Tasting Panel Magazine

Anthony Dias Blue is the Executive Director and founder of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition as well as the San Francisco International Wine Competition. Mr. Blue is recognized worldwide as a leading food, wine and lifestyle authority. His work in all media is circulated to more than 30,000,000 consumers each month. His James Beard Award–winning food and wine critiques, The Blue Lifestyle Minute, are broadcast daily on KNX in Los Angeles and on WCBS radio in New York, reaching an audience of more than 200,000 listeners daily. In 2011, he launched a nationally syndicated talk show called BLUE LIFESTYLE that currently airs in more than 150 markets across the country. Formerly Wine & Spirits Editor of Bon Appétit, Mr. Blue is owner and Editor-in-Chief of the beverage trade publication, The Tasting Panel Magazine, the highest-circulating beverage trade publication in the country. He is also Editor-in-Chief of The SOMM Journal. In addition, he is a frequent contributor to numerous other publications. Mr. Blue is the author of nine books, including The Complete Book of Mixed Drinks and The Complete Book of Spirits. More about Anthony Dias Blue can be found on his company website www.bluelifestyle.com.